(2017 —)

A collection of objects designed by CTRLZAK studio for the Italian brand MOGG. The pieces are composed by iron rod in burnished or titanium finishings, with glass shelves in bronze or green reflective finish. The simple structure utilizes the industrial processing of the cadenced rod, in diverse diameters, according to a rhythmic partition. The essential volume is delineated thanks to the match of straight lines: the rhythm is punctuated by…

Oniro Lab
(2020 —)

ONIRO Lab is the place in which the Group’s capacity to understand and generate dreams finds its greatest outlet. Every project is an occasion push the boundaries, to explore and investigate meaningful experiences; ONIRO Lab is a unique opportunity to generate culture and expand its limits. Discover more on : LIBRARY OF DREAMS (2022 Milan Design Week)Dreams have always played a central role…

Re-Live Centre

Re-Live is a novel pain treatment centre located in the north of Greece in the city of Ioannina. The centre’s approach, under the guidance of Dr Patty Gatziani, Algiatrist and specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, aims to comfort and manage pain placing focus on educating patients to acquire body awareness and improve their lifestyle. For this special project CTRLZAK was asked to come up with a solution that would…


Since ancient times people have come up with ways to safekeep their most precious possessions. Centuries ago in Greece and Rome, Egypt and even China containers with intricate mechanisms were devised all with one purpose: safeguard their content. Safes and vaults are still used nowadays and are now more intricate and complex than ever, even though the basic concept is still unchanged. CTRLZAK’s research on the subject took the object’s…

Femme Fanatique

Femme Fanatique is a space dedicated to the world of tango. Femme Fanatique’s shoes are designed with passion and are entirely handmade by specialized artisans. CTRLZAK’s design presents these exact elements, interpreting the essence and the posture of the dance while emphasizing at the same time the process and the quality of the product. Technique and improvisation, discipline and creativity are the elements that within the space of an embrace form…

Transubstantia Paganus

The culinary act, seen as an occasion of encounter, has been the first form of ritual: a pagan customary practice that has transcended to what is known as the Christian sacrament of the Eucharist. “Take and eat, this is my body; I am the bread of life, he who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” According to Christian…


A series of items inspired by the medical world reflecting upon the symbolic and functional issues of objects. Users are invited to coexist with atypical pieces that one would find difficult to accept in everyday life, undoubtedly disassociated from the usual concept of well-being. Tables, chairs and lamps are ‘afflicted’ with diverse pathologies; an ironic operation which goes beyond the aesthetics of the products and refers to the ephemeral conditions…