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2021 - 2023

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Oniro Lab

The direction of a creative lab, aiming to create points of reflection through projects in the dream sphere for an increasingly conscious culture of living. Starting from ONIRO Group’s identity, ONIRO Lab’s aim is to investigate the multiple facets of the world of dreams through different disciplines, starting from the current psychological/cognitive research but also its expressions in the creative world (literature, visual arts, cinema, etc). Discover more on : onirogroup.it

Incontro con Alessandro Baricco | Voce Al Sogno 2023
Unexplored, forgotten, never realised or pursued: our dream universe is a personal space, unique but shared at the same time. With the intention of tracing a panorama that describes dreams, starting from the individual experiences expressed by human beings in the form of novels, science, music and art, ONIRO Lab gives life to Voce al Sogno, a multifaceted project that invites the public to deal with the different visions of the dream world in our culture. The first of this series of meetings introduces the writer Alessandro Baricco as a protagonist, invited to present the dream through literature, which will circle back to the Library of Dreams, focusing on some of the pieces already present in the Library’s collection. The event was conceived, designed and orchestrated in the smallest opera theatre in Europe, Teatro Belloni, chosen for its surreal and intimate atmosphere. The event had multiple performative elements, from a pianist playing Debussy on stage, an hour-long literary lecture, to a cocktail space filled with art installations, all relative to the topic of dreams.

Library of Dreams | 2022 Milan Design Week
Dreams have always played a central role in the evolution of mankind, even before man learned to speak. Although the role of the dream interpreter is already present in the major civilisations of the ancient world, it is only in the last 100 years that the true meaning of dreams has begun to be understood and studied. On the occasion of Milan Design Week, ONIRO Lab has created the Library of Dreams (Biblioteca del Sogno), the first collection in Italy entirely dedicated to the dimension of dreams and explored in literature, art, science and beyond. The library, which will be expanded over time with further titles and foreign language editions, comprises three different categories of books – fiction, non-fiction and art – which can be freely viewed in the ONIRO Group’s Milan showroom at Via Hoepli 8. To inaugurate the project, a site-specific installation was placed in front of the showroom. In the space adjacent to the shop, sheltered by the portico, dreams and the words used to describe them came to life: literary quotes, taken from the volumes of the Library of Dreams, marked the steps of visitors, wrapping them in a dreamlike atmosphere and inviting them to reflect on the meaning of dreams in their various forms.

Dreamwall | 2022
ONIRO Group transforms every dream into a living reality: at the same time, it is a reality made by people, each with their own dreams and desires. People are the engine of ONIRO Group, as well as the final recipients of its works. Dreamwall, an installation created in the Group’s headquarters, aims to highlight the dreams of those who are part of this reality. To realise it, employees were asked to write and share anonymously their secret dream, be it big or small. The texts thus collected gave life to the installation, which consists of various writings running on wall-mounted LED screens. The work will be constantly enriched, thanks to the dreams of all the people who come into contact with ONIRO Group. The aim is to create a living project, able to tell the dreams of different individuals connected by a work bond, entering a more intimate sphere and generating an exchange between individual and community. A project that wants to make us reflect on the meaning of our daydreams and, at the same time, on the diversity and similarity of us all.

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