CTRLZAK is a hybrid studio that integrates diverse disciplines and forms of expressions. Founded by artists and designers Katia Meneghini and Thanos Zakopoulos, the studio’s creations are based on extensive research into humanity’s cultural history and the natural world that surrounds us in order to create a meaningful future. Due to its’ interdisciplinary approach CTRLZAK specialises in art direction while creating artworks, objects and spaces but above all points of reflection where form follows meaning. Through the use of semiotic tools within the creative process the studio conceives projects and orchestrates situations that surpass common aesthetic values operating on a deeper cognitive level, aspiring to make people consider their actions and the planet that we live in.


Katia Meneghini has always been passionate about calligraphy and art history, while her contemporary projects develop through relational processes and mechanisms which place emphasis on human interaction. Her approach to art is based on social research with the use of performances, installations and documentation. At the same time she is keen in investigating the possibility of a multi-disciplinary design related to different aspects of social life using the methodologies gained through her social art experiences. More info related to her specific projects can be found at:


Thanos Zakopoulos is a creator of varied forms and contexts. An artist, a designer and a photographer amongst other things, he likes to bring together different disciplines and situations creating projects which balance between contemporary art & design. He has presented and participated in many exhibitions around the world and has given lectures in various occasions in Europe and China. When not in Milan - where he is based - his research trips take him to strange places sometimes as far as to infinity and beyond. A selection of his more ’personal’ projects can be seen at


Sergio has been in the past a hotel manager and a gallerist (Unorossodue, Milan). He was born and brought up in Milan where he still lives when he is not travelling around the world. His passion for travelling coupled with that of motor
cycles has taken him to places normally unreachable by most. On the other hand his practical mind coupled with his experience on furniture restoration (a passion which has led him to two years of specialised courses on the subject) make him an expert on finding the right solutions behind most structures. On top of that his connection with the art world has provided him with an understanding of symbolisms and aesthetics very much needed in the collaborative projects that he partakes with the studio.

Product designer based in Greece whose approach in the design process comes from GST (General Systems Theory), Thimios has a "holistic" way of thinking,
which allows him to get feedback from several fields (from aesthetics to ergonomics and from environmental to branding issues). He has taken part in several workshops and seminars in Automotive Design, Architecture, Product Design, as well as in international exhibitions presenting concepts and products. Thimios has worked in numerous projects as a CTRLZAK member, applying his deep knowledge in CAD/CAM methods and his construction skills in the fields of design development and project management and supervision. More info on

Driven by her appetite for contemporary art, history and politics, she graduated in Interior Design from Politecnico di Milano with a thesis entitled “Beautyland: The District of Prestige”. Currently a designer and art director at CTRLZAK studio, but also a social media manager for multiple entities. You can usually find her close to the sea, next to loud music. Follow her crazy adventures.

Multidisciplinary designer and photographer, focusing on the blurring boundaries between o
bjects within spaces, while embracing sustainability and (re)cycling. Graduated in industrial design in Milan and architecture in Montréal. More info on