• Encyclopaedias are an evolution of dictionaries, not limited in simple definitions. They provide instead a more extensive meaning for a subject or discipline. In such a way, encyclopaedias are able to treat a topic in more depth, and convey the most relevant accumulated knowledge on that subject. With the aim of investigating JCP Universe as complex, multiform and multidisciplinary entity, the JCPædia is an uncommon encyclopaedia that offers an overview of the JCP Universe since its conception, presenting key moments during the evolution of this otherworldly reality.



  • This new limited edition book is an actual guide illustrating the JCP Universe from its initial creation to its current moment of expansion. A unique visual experience through the eyes of the Traveller, the mysterious narrator, that accompanies the reader to a journey of discovery between science and fantasy. JCP’s artifacts come to life through a combination of images, drawings, photographs and poetry resulting in a book that goes beyond mere appearances and form.



  • Form Follows Meaning is a book exploring CTRLZAK Studio’s work from its inception in 2009 until 2017. A careful selection of paradigms from the studio’s projects takes the reader on an unexpected journey to humanity’s diverse cultural pasts, on contemporary society’s ironic present and proposing a future of a conscious world that realises its place in the cosmos.
  • With critical essays by: M. Arapoglou, C. Morozzi & A. Zanchetta
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  • A 1998 poll conducted by the American Museum of Natural History found that seventy percent of biologists believe that we are in the midst of an anthropogenic extinction. Numerous scientific studies —such as a 2004 report published in Nature,and papers authored by the 10,000 scientists who contribute to the IUCN’s annual Red List of threatened species — have since reinforced this conviction. Published along the EXTINCTO: Paradigms from the Anthropocene exhibition, the book contains a selection of the studio’s works regarding modern extinction.



  • The purpose of the exhibition’s catalogue is not to speak about the design exhibits themselves, but rather to create the ‘universe’, the world where they came from. Using abstract landscape photographs a bizarre sensation is created, giving extra depth and substance to the objects depicted.