Two furniture pieces inspired by a symbolic buddhist tradition. On a mountain near a Buddhist temple Thanos & Katia discovered a peculiar practice: tiny sticks placed underneath massive boulders, appearing to support them but too small to bear the stone’s weight. Three years later this has been the inspiration for CTRLZAK’s D\Zen project, in which this meeting of great weight and delicacy takes the form of two different pieces of furniture. In the past it is probable that these sticks were placed beneath the stones by monks and had sutras carved on them. The exact original meaning of this folk tradition is unclear, although it could be the expression of a request, a vow, or a testimony. Although the different forms of Buddhism have diverse practices, this specific one is unusual. It is certainly a gesture within the Zen spirit, which has been the foundation of this project’s creative process. It also followed Zen principles of slow and fast, movement and stillness, transformation and balance; above all an open process with open results which aims to be nothing more than what it is. Discover more on : artemest.com

D\ZEN´s balanced volumes are inspired by a rare combination of nature and man’s respectful intervention. They are archetypal forms that sustain objects and people, imperfect forms in perfect balance. Throughout the long development process the importance was placed in conveying the essence of nature and the balance of things. The stick is man’s little touch, which supports nature but reminds us that everything is temporary.

CeramiX Design Collection