Hic Et Nunc



Hic Et Nunc

An exhibition specifically conceived for the space of the Moroni mansion in Bergamo old town with the scope of discovering and reliving it through a multitude of viewpoints. The Hybrid porcelain collection, the CeramiX Art collection, the fabrics of the Flagmented project and a sound installation designed specifically for the occasion interact with the traditional furnishings and objects already present in the space. Within the halls of the palace the artworks of the CeramiX Art collection mingle with the existing porcelain sculptures while the Hybrid bone china collection is displayed alongside the chinaware used in the mansion in past centuries. Everything is laid out in the various tables around the rooms expecting guests of another era or so it seems… The visitor thinks at first glance that all is as it should be but then gradually discovers the contemporary pieces which make reference to the existing porcelain pieces alongside them. The visitor is thus accompanied on a journey that makes him seek and discover among the objects of the past, “new” souvenirs of a hybrid world. Discover more on : dimoredesign.it

Sound Installation
The sound installation created for the occasion is located in the ballroom at the centre of the mansion. The visitors on their guided tour pass first from one side of the room, where classical waltz music is heard, while entering the room from the other side they listen to pieces of traditional Chinese music. Concluding their tour they find themselves in the centre of the ballroom where the two kinds of music mingle together in a new hybrid one.

The Flagmented Banners
Symbols of a new hybrid culture built on past legacies, the banners greet visitors in the arcade entrance and weave an invisible thread with the history of the Moroni family that played an important role in the supply of raw materials (mainly silk) for the textile industry.