The hybrid world that we perceive today is based on relationships that human beings have created in their brief existence on this planet. These relationships are often based on conventions that create frameworks within which humans work, live and operate, typically called societies. In these societies humans strive for economic success and social status (inappropriately connected most of the times) through the act of possessing: knowledge but mainly material things. These items, regardless of their nature, become symbols, bearers of meanings and on many occasions objects of desire. Regrettably humans tend to have a rather selfish perception of the world and are anxious to measure their success through the apparent value of their possessions rather than their actual worth. Furthermore concepts like religion, politics and ethnic identity cloud the judgement of human beings making them have an even more biased perception of life.

As a result complications and strife are created. But living is not that complicated in itself, it is humans that complicate it through their lack of awareness. Humans take many things for granted and forget to reflect during their everyday lives, they remain most of the time to the surface of things neglecting to comprehend them for what they are. What they fail to realise once more is that by doing so they are responsible for their misfortune since material fulfilment by itself is not enough. In order to have a more gratifying future, awareness is paramount. Humans need to be more genuinely curious about others and everything that surrounds them, realising the true value of relationships on one side and that of the material world on the other, that they themselves have created.