Human beings have the fortune to be part of a remarkable planet situated in a rather serene corner of a medium sized galaxy within the known universe. For many years since their appearance humans have battled the elements and tried to tame the wild life and the land that surrounded them. In this they have impressively succeeded but in doing so they have greatly damaged other life forms and the planet itself. Ironically enough human beings have learned everything they know by observing the natural world and have utilized its very own resources to build the things that they saw and imagined for themselves. One thing though they did not wholeheartedly learn: respect. Greedy and selfish human activity has caused the mass extinction of plants, animals and other organisms generating what is known as the 6th Extinction, the only one of its kind to be caused by a species originating in this planet.

Humans blinded by their anthropocentric view of the world fail to see that the incessant damage they fashion will ultimately only harm themselves. Planet Earth has existed for over 4.7 billion years without the human species and will continue to do so at least until its star, the Sun, burns out and that won’t happen for another 5 billion years. What humans don’t realize is that they are part of a whole, a system of sorts that relates them directly to Earth and in consequence to the Universe. They keep viewing themselves as something that observes the vast Cosmos around them instead of grasping it is actually the Universe looking at itself. From the tiniest particles of matter to the most complex organisms that inhabit Earth, exists a continuity that reaches the furthest points of the known galaxies where new stars are formed and extinguished utilizing the same processes that have constituted life, as human beings perceive it, in all its forms. There is still much to be learned from and within the Cosmos but until human beings understand how insignificant and how important at the same time their existence is as part of a whole, they will never realize the future within time for what it really is: a constant present.