Human beings have the same fundamental needs and desires. What creates a divergence in the expression of those is the environment in which they live in. The climate and the materials found in each corner of this planet are what determine these expressions. Throughout their brief history human beings have managed to re-invent themselves continuously by developing a vast diversification of expression in all fields of life. As a result many diverse skills and degrees of knowledge have been acquired each one based on the humans’ distinctive environment. One has only to examine human history to realize that it is filled with remarkable achievements that in most cases help humans understand better their present lives.

If one examines even closer (s)he will realize that on many occasions those achievements are but different expressions of the same issue, usually all of them worth examining. Nowadays the exchange of information is extremely rapid and much easier than it was in the past, this leads to an unprecedented cultural mix that usually favours the most popular expressions but not necessarily the most interesting ones. The mingling of diverse cultures though is not a recent thing. Since the first hominoids started wandering around the globe hybridizations of all forms occurred and even more so in the last 500 years; the result of all these interactions is the world that all humans perceive at present. Hybridization will certainly continue more than ever in the future and will influence the lives of human beings in more than one way. In order to achieve a conscious Hybrid Future though, humans must look beyond their superficial differences and learn instead from their common past.